Early 1980’s Halston IV Purple Jersey Knit Caftan


Check out this comfortably stylish purple jersey knit kaftan from Halston IV. The kaftan maintains his iconic minimalist design with its draped easy fit, long sleeves that widen towards the wrist, and its deep V neck that is empirical of many Halston classics. The fabric is a light weight jersey knit that fares well in warm or cool weather and the 23" slit that's featured in the front further emphasizes easy, unconstrained movement .

Length: 58.5"

Bust: 48"



Roy Halston Frowick was born on 1932 in Des Moines, Iowa. He initially took inspiration to sew from his grandmother. He would create hats for his mother and alter clothing for his sisters. His foundation in fashion progressed in his teen years as he attended Indiana University for a short spell and then The Art Institute of Chicago while earning funds through creating windows displays. Hat making would be his first love and in 1957 opened his first shop. While he had a small but important following, it wasn’t until Jacqueline Kennedy wore her famous (Halston) Pillbox hat in ‘61 that he became an instant success. He rode the wave of fame and fortune for a while but once hats started to go out of fashion, so did Halston’s sales. Halston’s low point would prove to be a test for what was next in his life. After much experimentation, a failed collection, and the help of his well curated team, he developed the minimalist yet irresistible look we all know and love! He was a true creator of culture during his time. Halston’s work was revered within the studio 54 crowd, worn by all the “It Girls” and on the cover of popular magazines.

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