1970s Stavropoulos Neon Red Silk Evening Dress and Sheer Coat

George Stavropoulos


Astounding neon red evening dress ensemble consisting of a dress and long coat by George Stavropoulos! The red dress is maxi length, with spaghetti straps and a columnar silhouette. The dress features a thin, triangular, double layer of fabric that emerges from the neckline and falls down to the waist, adding a bit of complexity and movement to the dress. The sheer coat is maxi length as well, with a straight front and button closure at the neckline. The dress has amazing kimono sleeves with an open bottom, allowing for maximum sway and flutter. The dress includes a matching silk scarf.

George Stavropoulos was born in Tripoli in 1920. He studied fashion in Paris, and eventually opened his own salon in Athens in 1949, where he made a name for himself creating elegant chiffon draped grecian - style dresses often cut on the bias. He immigrated the United States in 1961, opening a boutique in New York where he continued to receive acclaim for his floating silk satin and chiffon creations. Stavropoulos created his gowns almost exclusively by hand, and did not use heavy ornamentation, preferring that his designs stand out due of their elegant, flowing silhouettes and fabrics.

Clients include: Elizabeth Taylor, Maria Callas, Lady Bird Johnson, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Barbara Streisand.

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    Sheer Silk Spaghetti Strap
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    34 Inches
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    59 Inches
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