1960s Tina Leser Blue Checkerboard Print Dress with Graphic Blue Hem

Tina Leser


Fabulously fresh blue and white maxi dress by Tina Leser. The dress has a classic A - line silhouette, with wide skirt, no sleeves, and square neckline. The dress primarily features a checkerboard print in royal blue and white, accented by stripes of azure blue and white. The cinched waist is accented by a band of blue and white that trails down the side of the dress, along a slit opening, and down to the hem. The bottom of the skirt features a bold graphic print of woven stripes in white and blues. The back of the dress echoes this print. The long slit may be a reference to the Chinese cheongsam - Leser was known to scour the globe for inspiration!
  • Country of Origin
    United States
  • Condition
  • Materials & Techniques
    Abstract Satin Zip Allover Asymmetrical
  • Size
    Current U.S. Size
    32 Inches
    26 Inches
    35 Inches
    54 Inches
  • Size Chart

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