Vintage Alexis Kirk Gold Hardware Honey Colored Lizard Belt M-L

Alexis Kirk


Striking Alexis Kirk tan snake skin belt with additional gold buckles. The honey color lizard skin belt features a total of eleven movable buckles, plus a stationary buckle that cannot be removed from the belt. Each buckle is layered with designs and shapes. The larger, oval-like buckles feature a six-petaled flower in the center, surrounded by four leaf-like flourishes. The edges of the oval buckles are scalloped. The smaller buckles are bow-shaped and feature a diamond design on the top of the center knot. The buckle is a stylized hexagon and features floral flourishes and zigzag-like scalloped edges.

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  • Country of Origin
    United States
  • Condition
  • Materials & Techniques
  • Size
    Current U.S. Size
    Total Length
    39.25 Inches

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