1960s Victorian Revival Cupid and Psyche Intaglio Medallion Necklace


Amazing oversized amber - tone intaglio medallion necklace! The gold - tone necklace features a horizontal oval intaglio depicting Cupid and Psyche. Cupid is in his popular cherubic form, while Psyche is as she appears in Apuleius's "Metamorphoses" - a beautiful young woman. The necklace has an ornate chain with floral, fan-like flourishes, and connects to the pendant with a triple-fan link. The medallion features the same floral decoration, as well as five dangling fans with scrollwork. The necklace is certainly inspired by antiquity, but the scale and placement of the medallion and dangling elements bring to mind jewelry brought back by aristocratic young Victorian men from their "Grand Tour".
  • Country of Origin
    United States
  • Condition
  • Materials & Techniques
  • Size
    Current U.S. Size
    Total Length
    23.5 Inches

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