1960s Teal Traina Black Pleated Dress with Rhinestone Collar and Cuffs

Dominic Rompollo / Teal Traina


Elegant 1960s black dress by Teal Traina New York! This graceful knee length black dress has long sleeves with shimmering rhinestone cuffs, and a rhinestone collar. The dress is primarily composed of thin pleats that sway gently with every step. Traditional in color but not structure and details, this airy dress strikes a perfect balance between restraint and luxury; absolutely exuberant. Teal Traina was a label that moulded American's perception of what a high-society woman should look like. Teal Traina joined his family's successful high fashion business in the 1940s, partnering with Norman Norell soon after. In addition to having Norman Norell, iconic American fashion designer, Traina fostered the talents of young and daring designers like Geoffrey Beene, Dominic Rompallo, Chester Weinberg, Rodriguez and Kay Unger. Teal Traina was a Seventh Avenue American Institution, and its impact on design and the quintessential elite American look is still felt today. Wrist 9 inches

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    Rhinestone, Collar, Cuff, Hook and eye, Zip
  • Size
    Current U.S. Size
    36 in. (91 cm)
    30.5 in. (77 cm)
    38 in. (97 cm)
    Total Length
    37.5 in. (95 cm)
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