1920s Whiting and Davis Metallic Green Mesh Bag


This quintessential accessory of the 1920s by Whiting and Davis still holds up today! Withstanding 100 years, it features a decorative exterior with multicolored flat mesh, a kiss lock with a floral motif and metal linked chain. These bags are built to last and continue to add class to any outfit!

  • Dimensions
    Width: 3.5 in. (8.89 cm)Length: 11.5 in. (29.21 cm) Drop 6.5 in.


Originally Charles White developed his first mesh bag in 1892, several years later under White's guidance A.C Pratt created the first automatic machine for ring mesh fabric. Prior to this mesh bags were all made by hand and thus could not keep up with national demand. Whiting and Davis continued to develop more variety within their product lines and once the company got large enough it started to buy off many competitors that didn't have the capital to afford the same technology.

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