1920s Mandalian Mfg Company Pink and Gold Flat Mesh Bag


Beautifully intact antique mesh purse from the Mandalian Mfg Company! It features a decorative kiss lock, symmetrical gold and red design on the body of the bag. Delicately placed metal fringing gives this bag some extra class and is simply mesmerizing while in movement. A truly undeniable reason these Mandalian made bags hold up so well is because the larger cross shaped metal pieces that cover the mesh. Oftentimes the rings that hold the mesh together would be soldered together as to prevent the mesh from ever coming apart!

Not much is known about Sahatiel Mandalian, He was an Armeninan immigrant born in Constantinople, Turkey who actually patented the flat mesh machine and painted flat mesh idea a good five years before Whiting and Davis!

Drop: 6" Length: 13.5" Width: 4"


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