2004 Ferarri Enzo Luggage Suit Bag and Hand Bag Set

Schedoni for Ferrari



Exciting trio of luggage made especially for the Ferrari Enzo by Schedoni. The set includes two identical suit bags with folding hanger and dust covers, as well as a two - compartment hand bag with flap and zipper closure. The pieces are composed of durable two - tone black and red leather, and feature the famous Ferrari prancing horse.


Suit Bag Measurements:

Length - 22' Height - 17"

Width - 7"

Strap Drop - 22"


Small Bag Measurements:

Length -19"

Height -10"

Width - 9'


The Schedoni - Ferrari relatioship began in the 1977 when Mauro Schedoni was asked by his Brother - in - law, Franco Folli, to create a luggage set that would suit his Ferrari. Schedoni and Folli were so pleased with the results, that they showed the luggage to Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari, knowing there was a demand among his clients for luggage that would fit properly in his sports cars, partnered with Schedoni to create luggage exclusively for Ferrari automobiles.

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