1994 Isaac Mizrahi Spring/Summer Runway Green Aluminium Paillette Diet 7-Up Dress

Isaac Mizrahi

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Countless green aluminium Diet 7-up Paillettes cover this silk kelly green shift mini dress. Pailletts chime when moved. Slips over head.

In a 2016 interview with Julien Sauvalle of OUT Magazine, Mizrahi recalls the arduous work that went into creating his recycled pieces, “It took us three years to make those dresses. We paid homeless people to collect Coke cans and Budweiser cans -- two of my favorite things -- and then 7Up cans, so it was green, red, white, and gold. We split them open and washed them, then shipped them to Paris to Langlois-Martin, who makes these beautiful paillettes, and then they were sent on to India to have them sawn onto panels. It took us years."

Second image shows Christy Turlington, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell at an Isaac Mizrahi show in November 1993.

  • Country of Origin
    United States
  • Condition
  • Materials & Techniques
    Allover Silk Cut work
  • Size
    Current U.S. Size
    32 Inches
    34 Inches
    36 Inches
  • Size Chart

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