2002 Moschino Olive Oyl Popeye Print Scarf

Rosella Jardini

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Playful Popeye - themed silk scarf by Moschino! The scarf is primarily robin's egg blue, with light green dots, a narrow border of collaged floral print, and a whimsical collection of illustrations of Olive Oyl! Alternating between standing, strolling, and sometimes skipping, Olive Oyl features thirteen separate times on the scarf, with each figure wearing a different, whimsically printed outfit. Moschino truly delivers with this fun scarf for chic fans!

Although we now know her best from "Popeye The Sailor Man," Olive Oyl first appeared in 1919, and was the main character of E.C. Segar's "Thimble Theatre." It wasn't until 1929 that Popeye, her love interest, was introduced. He was wildly popular, eventually earning his own spinoff franchise in the 1950s. Despite being introduced decades ago, the characters have remained popular in the United States and abroad; Olive Oyl celebrated her 100th birthday in 2019.

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    33 Inches

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