1970s Delill Bamboo Handle Woven Slouch Tote Bag made in Italy


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Sculptural hand woven bag by Delill! The bag is composed of woven grass carefully treated with resin, giving it a glossy shine and adding to its durability. The grass is woven in a criss-cross pattern, with accent knots and vertical stitching details. The bag features a wide curved bamboo clasp and handle, with brass hardware and a hook closure. The interior of the bag is lined, and has the original tags. Made in Italy

The bamboo handle came to vogue in the late 1940s when Italian craftsmen, limited in resourced due to post-war scarcity and rationing, got inventive! One of the few items available for use was bamboo imported from Japan; craftsmen heated up the bamboo, bending and molding them to form handles, locks, and frames. Bamboo detail bags were (and still are!) fabricated by various Italian artisans and fashion houses including Gucci.

Drop 5.5 Inches
  • Country of Origin
  • Materials & Techniques
    Abstract Allover Asymmetrical
  • Size
    12 Inches
    Total Length
    12 Inches
    7 Inches

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