Oscar de la Renta Blonde Fox Fur and Brown Suede Boots

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Warm, wild, and ever so wearable! These Oscar de la Renta russet brown suede boots have a lush, fluffy fur exterior covering the boot from below the knee to just past the bridge of the foot. The fur has a cream-colored base with warm grey and white tips, creating an interesting variegated pattern on the fur. The fur is rather long and bounces when walking. The boots have a gently pointed toe and sit on a low heel.

Acquired through the charity event and subsequent collection that was created by Eunice W. Johnson from the “Fashion Fair” section of Ebony Magazine.

The boots look fantastic with gloves available for purchase from Mrs. Couture as well, just search for “Vintage Brown Leather Gloves with Fur Cuffs”.

Pair with a long fur coat, fur stole, fur gloves, and fur ushanka (or a bearskin cap if you want the illusion of height)!

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